Having served on the outside as legal counsel, or on the inside as an investor, advisory board member, or mentor for numerous startups and hi-tech companies, Zachi has the ability to look at issues from all perspectives, offering professional, high-level, and holistic advice.

With Zachi on your side, you’re not just getting someone with vast business acumen, but also an ally who has a keen acquaintance with legal ramifications, so you can rest at ease knowing he is there to steer you clear of trouble and keep your startup safe!

From his years of business industry experience, to his well-developed network, Zachi almost certainly has the contacts – and introductions – you’d want to take advantage of!

Simply put, Zachi’s professional experience, both legal and business, as well as his vast network of connections, can keep you on the right track and save you precious time you can’t afford to lose.