Do you have the next unicorn startup and stand in need of legal, strategic or commercial advice or assistance?

As a lawyer, Zachi can provide you with the full set of legal services you require without limitations, including, the formation of international companies; structuring complex commercial deals; joint ventures and shareholders agreements; all kinds of financing transactions including equity, debt and convertible financing rounds and M&As.

Regulatory Services – navigating regulatory issues in gambling; forex and blockchain/cryptocurrency, among other industries. Obtaining regulatory licenses in various jurisdictions and preparation of legal opinions.

GDPR Compliance – Zachi can also help you successfully navigate the murky waters of implementing full GDPR compliance in your business along with meeting any of your other needs for a regulatory advisor.

As a business advisor, Zachi can help you define your strategy, build your business model and connect you to the professionals, business partners or investors you need to meet in order to push your company forward.

After working with hundreds of companies for more than a decade and a half, Zachi can ensure you don’t lose valuable time and money by making the same business mistakes that 99% of startups do.