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Pivot – Finding A New Way Forward

A pivot is a significant change in the product, target market, or any other part of the venture that has to (more…)

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5 Particularly Tough Questions That Investors Might Ask You

Meeting an investor is stressful. The result of months of hard work, emails and phone calls with potential   (more…)

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Can’t Find A CTO? It’s Not The End Of The World

When I meet with entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journeys, I usually find that at the (more…)

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Why People Will Refuse To Sign Your Confidentiality Agreement (And Why That’s Not A Bad Thing)

One of the most frightening and frustrating moments for any entrepreneur is when they have to disclose sensitive information. They ask the other party to sign a confidentiality agreement but instead of getting a signature on the bottom line, they’re met with refusal. To the entrepreneur, it can look utterly bizarre or even an abuse of the other side’s power....

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Checklist: 13 Things That Should Be In Every App Development Agreement

1. A detailed outline of the application (what exactly does it do including complete flaw charts, look and feel, etc.) and a way to change that outline if it becomes necessary. 2. Development Milestones that are clear and objective enough to reduce the chances of any disagreement about the status of their completion. 3. A description and schedule of payments...

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