Top Cloud/SaaS Startup Cities 2018

How important is location when starting a cloud service or software business? Crozdesk (, an advanced business software discovery platform, pieced together this infographic, summarizing a comprehensive report with important findings on investors’ behavior in this ecosystem.

According to the report, the United States is still largely unrivalled with 63% of companies globally and nearly 89% of the startup funding in the cloud and software sectors. However, as the US market is becoming more saturated US vendors are increasingly looking to expand into Europe and Asia.

Europe, a distant second, is showing increased velocity with a great number of emerging companies focused on this space. In 2017 it was home to 22% of the world’s cloud companies, but only 5% of funding.

Silicon Valley – home to 16% of the world’s cloud and software companies – remains the ultimate powerhouse with nearly 39% of the world’s funding and rapid growth rates. It is followed by New York, Southern California and Boston.

London (5th) and Tel Aviv (8th) are the only non-US clusters in the top 10.

A more detailed excerpt of Crozdesk’s Report can be found here: